Facilitating Imports & Exports 100% Best Quality and always delivering best product

Our Vision

To become leaders in the Agro Allied trade industry within middle east countries

Our Mission

To facilitate safe bilateral trade between Middle East countries and African countries especially in the agro allied industry and related fields.

Our History

It began operations and grew to become one of the largest food import and trade private companies in Saudi Arabia. Meeting both producers and consumer’s in the ever growing community

Available 24/7 anytime, anyday

Top Rank Marketing

Marketing products and searching for buyers.


Providing complete logistical services from sorting, haulage and warehousing of imported goods and the ones awaiting export.

Fast Sourcing

Searching for suitable products and prices in the local markets to export them to African markets.

Trusted Products

Products and goods imported and exported are 100% trusted with zero worries.

Welcome to daman and co.

About Us

The company’s key business activities are mainly facilitating import and export between middle east countries and African countries. We carry out the marketing and distribution of Imported Agro-Allied and related products withing Saudi markets and middle east at large. 
In terms of suppliers, we have successful dealings with a network of international top players in Africa. Since Inception our Mission has been to import/export the best quality selected, products that meet the international standard of consistent quality and excellence all year round.


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